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Active Engagement provides mentoring services to suit each person to their individual needs.

At Active Engagement we are dedicated to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle by assisting clients with getting active and life-skills development.

Active engagement strongly encourages the involvement in community and group activities. We believe there are many benefits to team work and group activities.

Some of the mentoring services we focus on are:

- Community participation 

- Life-skills development 

- Active adventures

- Attending community events, appointments 

- Outdoor activities and camping

Team Leader - Brad Cameron 

Brad is a Physiotherapist, passionate about upholding a healthy and active lifestyle. Brad has his Masters in Physiotherapy with 10 years experience. He lives and breathes healthy ethos; playing football and cricket locally. He believes being active is a key in overall well being.

Some of the experience Brad has includes but is not limited to: 

- Working within musculoskeletal private practice. 

- Working with adolescents and children with ASD, developmental delay, exercise motivation.

- Paediatric physiotherapy. 

- In home physiotherapy for balance, strengthening and mobility.

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Where Passion and Dedication Meet

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Brad - Mentor

Professional interests: Physiotherapy

Favourite activity: Swim at Highbury quarry OR hiking at Morialta

Area: Mawson Lakes and surrounds

Interests: Footy, cricket, swimming, 8 ball, running, eating

Values: Loyalty, fitness and health

Footy team: Adelaide Crom

3 people I'd have dinner with: Jason Porplyzia, Steve Irwin, Xander

Hidden talent: Can juggle, can run 100km

Why I like mentoring: Can keep active while having a chat


Bailey - Mentor

Professional interests: Journalism
Favourite activity: Golf
Area: Gawler
Interests: Footy, running, table tennis, basketball
Values: Fitness, happiness
Footy team: Hawthorn Hawks
3 people I'd have dinner with: Cyril Rioli, Mr Beast, Taylor Swift
Hidden talent: Good at all sports
Why I like mentoring: Just love having a chat


Sean - Mentor

Professional interests: Landscaping
Favourite activity: Hiking or swim
Area: Western suburbs
Interests: Sports, gym, gardening, camping
Values: Punctuality, routine, empathy
Footy team: Carlton Blues
3 people I'd have dinner with: Bear Grylls, Patty Cripps, Serena Williams
Hidden talent: Not really a hidden talent but I've been told I could talk to anyone, anywhere
Why I like mentoring: Love getting out and about and helping achieve goals


Jake - Mentor

Professional interests: Engineering at uni

Favourite activity: Hiking

Area: Northern suburbs

Interests: Footy, tennis, basketball, gaming, running

Values: Honesty, Loyalty

Footy team: Brisbane Lions

3 people I'd have dinner with: Isaac Newton, Jonathon Brown, Selena Gomez

Hidden talent: Quiz night wizard

Why I like mentoring: Getting people active and out and about

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Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or enquiries. We will be more than happy to assist you / provide you with a quote for our services or for more information on our policies and procedures that may interest you.

Brad -

Phone: 0431570951


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